Depending on the artwork to be examined (dimensions, fragility, travel restrictions, etc.), for the investigation of large numbers of objects or for any other reason (confidentiality, etc.), it may be an advantage to carry out a study in situ. GFAA can travel worldwide to examine works of art thanks to its mobile equipment.

Expert witness

Certified according to ISO 17024 by the Swiss Chamber of Technical and Scientific Forensic Experts.


Scientific examination by GFAA provides objective data to clarify the status of a work of art.

Preventive conservation

Preventive conservation covers all the measures influencing the environment of the objects or collections.


GFAA will advise and assist you to optimize conservation conditions for your collections, to orient you on existing scientific reports, etc.


GFAA organizes training courses for handling and maintenance of objects as well as accident prevention.

Technological documentation

We are at our clients' disposal for the constitution of technological reports for example in preparation of a sale.